Friday, September 30, 2011

NetLibrary kini di Ebscohost

Akses kepada NetLibrary menerusi EZProxy dan pautan di Pustaka Portal telah dikeluarkan oleh kerana ianya kini boleh diakses melalui Ebscohost.

Oleh itu, kepada pengguna-pengguna NetLibrary, anda boleh menggunakan pangkalan data eBooks on EBSCOhost® apabila berada di Ebscohost untuk membuat carian bahan yang dikehendaki.

NetLibrary telah dibeli oleh Ebscohost pada Mac 2010 dan kini servisnya telah diambilalih oleh Ebscohost. [Rujukan]

Tahniah kepada pasukan kawad kaki Perpustakaan Tuanku Bainun

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Sambutan Hari Patriotik UPSI 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taylor & Francis Online

Taylor & Francis Online,, has now replaced access to the 1,600 Journals and Reference Works previously hosted on informaworld. The new platform, developed by Taylor & Francis in partnership with Atypon Systems Inc., represents a multi-million pound investment and showcases content from Routledge, Psychology Press and Taylor & Francis.
For more information please click here.

Bernama Library & Infolink Service (BLIS)

An electronic library providing news and information on Malaysia. The information in BLIS is contained in several modules such as Bernama News, Archives, Foreign News, Info Providers, Who's Who, Speeches, Sectoral Reports, Databank, Facts & Figures and Calendar Of Events.
For more information please click here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gale Databases access issue

We are currently having some minor issue with users accessing Gale Databases via EZProxy. We are looking to solve this as soon as possible. On the meantime, the ways to access Gale databases are as the following :

a) Green IT Learning Centre at level 1, E-Journal Labs at level 2, Post-graduate Corner at level 3
b) Using campus network; wired or wireless access

Update 7/9 12.06PM : We are currently experimenting with several setting to let EZProxy stays with any URI changes within Gale Databases domain. If everything went well, we will announce immediate re-availability of access. Please be patient with us.

Update 9/9 7:42 AM : All issues has been rectified. Users may now continue using Gale via EZProxy. Please log into your Pustaka Portal account to access this facility.

We apologizes for the inconvenience.

Information Technology Unit,
Perpustakaan Tuanku Bainun, UPSI.